Tis the season to sweat it out in the Hudson Valley and around New York!

Rumors have already begun stirring that this may be one of New York's hottest summers. Before the summer solstice, we're already teed up for a brutal heat wave (sorry, heat dome) across the Hudson Valley.

While staying hydrated is absolutely paramount in avoiding any heat-related illnesses, some like to cool off with a nice cold beer. Before we get into the best Hudson Valley brewed beverages for a hot day, we'd like to restate: please remember to hydrate and drink responsibly during periods of extreme heat. We do not suggest tasting all 9 of these beers at the same time in the midst of a 90-degree+ afternoon.

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With that being said, one cold beer to take the edge off of a hot, summer day is something a lot of us enjoy. And with the Hudson Valley growing its brewery scene yearly, there are a ton of locally brewed beverages to pick from.

Between New York City and Albany, there are over 90 operating craft breweries, with New York Post dubbing the region, "The Napa of Beer" these days.

So, when it comes to picking a refreshing beer brewed in the Hudson Valley, we have 9 suggestions, and they include a little something for everyone. From traditional "freshly baked bread" pilsners to fruity and bitter IPAs, we've got nearly everyone covered.

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