Has it been close to 30 years already? It doesn’t seem like it, but that’s how long Schlesinger’s Steakhouse on Temple Hill Road in New Windsor has been open. And they’ve been one of Orange County’s favorite steakhouses for as long as they’ve been open. Schlesinger’s has always been more than a steakhouse. It’s a great restaurant that also became a favorite place to hang out.

When other Hudson Valley Restaurants weren’t really concerned with live music, Schlesinger’s Steakhouse in New Windsor embraced it. They even built an outdoor beach area for customers to enjoy the music. And they have a cigar bar. Going to Schlesinger’s included a great meal and a whole evening experience for those who want it. And of course, the steaks are beyond delicious. They also offer great seafood, pasta, and bbq.

This is why I was shocked and saddened to hear of their sudden closing. Schlesinger’s Steakhouse just announced on Facebook that due to unforeseen circumstances, they would be closing their doors for good, and this Friday, April 15 will be their last day of service. So, if you’ve been meaning to get to Schlesinger’s Steakhouse for a great meal, you’ve only got a couple of days to do it. I say, enjoy while you still can.

It's sad to see a restaurant close after 28 great years. We wish only the best for the folks from Schlesinger’s Steakhouse. They’ve given us 28 years of great food and entertainment. Schlesinger’s  Steakhouse in New Windsor will be sorely missed in the Hudson Valley.

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