Hudson Valley fans of the Kona Ice Truck have enjoyed their last tiger blood snow cone.

The Kona Ice Truck has become a big part of the community over the past five years. Showing up at charity and school events, the truck has been the highlight of those hot, Hudson Valley summer days. But sadly, that has all come to an end.

Mike and Carroll Mahoney, owners of the Dutchess County Kona franchise, announced this week that they have sold the truck to another Kona business owner from another state. Currently there is no other local franchisee to take over the territory, so the Kona Ice Truck will no longer be rolling around town.

In a Facebook post, the owners expressed their gratitude to the community and thanked them for their support.

Many charity and school events will now need to search for another form of refreshment for annual spring and summer events. It's unclear if another Hudson Valley business owner will seize the opportunity to take over the hole left by the departure of the Kona Ice Truck.