This may be the only band in the world with a member who's instrument is a Nintendo controller.

Bit Brigade is scheduled to perform in the Hudson Valley on April 13, but this is no ordinary concert. The band is famous for their rock covers of classic video game soundtracks, but what sets them apart from other acts is the way in which they perform. The music at a Bit Brigade show is never the same and changes from minute to minute because the band actually plays along to live video gameplay.

Band member Noah McCarthy's only job is to play video games on a big screen that's projected behind the rest of the musicians. Throughout the show, McCarthy will completely finish a game, with the band playing along to every move. In the past the band has performed entire games of Metroid, Castlevania and Contra live in concert.

When Bit Brigade comes to BSP in Kingston on April 13 McCarthy will be tackling the classic NES game, "The Legend of Zelda." In about an hour he'll hopefully complete the game live. The entire time Bit Brigade will perform every note of the soundtrack as it changes from scene to scene.

If you're interested in seeing this unique experience in person tickets are available now for just $10 in advance from BSP.