Morning commuters were probably in for a bit of a surprise, when a small white goat was spotted roaming on the side of a busy highway. With the goat potentially facing danger, one good sumaritan pulled over and recused the animal Monday. ABC 7 says the unidentified driver was on their way to Brooklyn when they saw the abandoned goat wandering near the road in Queens.

UPI says the person brought the animal into the NYPD's 63rd Precinct. The small goat was later brought to animal care facility in New York City and was determined to be in good health. Officials say the goat is now resting comfortably at the Skyland Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey. it appears, according to their Facebook page, they've given the goat the name of Capricorn.

It is not known where the goat came from and how it ended up wandering near the highway. There are not too many other details about the animal as of now, or who it's previous owner may have been. Hopefully, for this poor animal's sake, something like this never happened. There are some sick, disgusting f***s out there, but most of you probably already knew that by now.

You may not associate the area around New York City with wild or escaped animals on the loose, but it does happen more often than you think. In late December 2020, two pot belly pigs got loose near Baisley Pond Park. Back in June 2020, a peacock was caught by police roaming through traffic in Crown Heights near the Eastern Parkway. The bird had escaped from Prospect Park Zoo, which had been closed at the time, due to COVID-19.

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