In something a little different that has nothing to do with Coronavirus or snowstorms, a loose pot belly pig was caught in Baisley Pond Park Tuesday. This isn't something you hear every day. And this isn't the only one on the loose either, according to rescuers. Officials say there is still another pig on the loose that has yet to be caught. UPI says both pigs appeared to have been abandoned by the same person.

A rescue group called Long Island Orchestrating for Nature said that police had been called about the pig on the loose. Once officials arrived, the animal had been cornered by the person who called in the report. UPI says the person had used potato chips to entice the animal to stay put until backup arrived. But no sooner was the first pig rescued, reports of the second pig on the loose started coming in.

Unfortunately, a few hours later after we got this piglet from the NYPD they called us back and told us someone reported another piglet running loose.

The rescue group's president, John Di Leonardo, says the second porker still hasn't been rescued. UPIS says the first pig has named Babe, after the 1995 film. The animal is currently around 20 pounds, but is expected to grow to about 60.

You may not associate the area around New York City with wild or escaped animals on the loose, but it does happen more often than you think. In June 2020, a peacock was caught by police roaming through traffic in Crown Heights near the Eastern Parkway. The bird had escaped from Prospect Park Zoo, which had been closed at the time, due to COVID-19.

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