It's pothole season in the Hudson Valley and you've told us which roads are the absolute worst.

Springtime means the return of squirrels, chipmunks, daffodils and potholes. After a long winter of freezing temperatures, snow, salt and plows wreaking havoc on Hudson Valley roadways, the blacktop in many areas has given way to deep, destructive potholes.

Many municipalities have begun to address the issue, but with the unpredictability of March weather to contend with, it's possible we may see a bit more winter weather before the problem is dealt with this spring.

Damage asphalt concrete road. The hole is in center of the road.
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In the meantime, Hudson Valley drivers are reporting some serious potholes throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties. According to our listeners, these are the biggest trouble spots:

Mike in Walden says that he's experienced potholes on almost every road in the Newburgh area. The biggest problems he's encountered were on the east-bound exit ramp from I-84 onto route 52 in Newburgh. Fullerton Avenue from South Street to Gidney Avenue., Route 52 from Meadow Avenue to Parkview Street are also filled with pretty bad potholes.

Peter from Shokan reports that Route 28 between Woodstock and Boiceville has quite a few potholes.He says that although they're not particularly deep, some of them are pretty long!

Other pothole trouble spots reported by our listeners are located on Route 209 between Port Jervis to Cubbebackville, 17m from Chester all the way to Monroe, Route 9D north of the Bear Mountain Bridge and the City of Kingston.

Have you seen a particularly big pothole in the Hudson Valley? You can report it yourself by sending us a text on our official app:

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