If you drank Angry Orchard or Sam Adams in the Hudson Valley last year it's likely it was against the law.

Of course, you weren't the one breaking the law by drinking it. American Craft Brewery, a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company, broke the law by selling it to you. According to The Daily News, the brewing company failed to register all but one of its products for sale in New York State. And that's a big deal.

The Liquor Authority takes licenses very seriously. Spokesperson Vincent Bradley told the Daily News that they have zero tolerance for violations. “Whether you are a small farm brewer in Clinton County, or a major international public company, you have to comply with the rules and the laws of New York.”

A review of records from 2016 shows that a clerical error caused the company to only register Twisted Tea Summer Blueberry with the liquor authority. Dozens of other Sam Adams beers, Angry Orchard ciders and other malt liquor brands were never approved for sale in New York.

It's estimated that 1.4 million cases of unregistered alcohol was sold to New York drinkers, totaling over $24 million in sales. The Boston Beer Company says that they have since renewed all of their licenses and have agreed to pay the State Liquor Authority $975,000 in fines.