If you felt like it rained a lot over recent weekends, then you are not alone. Meteorologists say it has in fact rained every Saturday now for seven consecutive weeks. However, this past Saturday's rains disrupted train service in parts of the Hudson Valley, when a mudslide spilled onto the tracks, according to CBS. 

More Rain...

According to Extreme Weather, Poughkeepsie has seen approximately 38.8 inches of precipitation through October 2023.

The average for the year is around 47 inches, according to Best Places. So while it appears that it has rained way more than normal, records indicate we're only a little above average, given that we experienced a dryer Spring.

Large Mudslide in Westchester County Suspends Service 

Ossining Recreation and Parks posted on Facebook that Hudson Line service was suspended Saturday between ‌Croton-Harmon‌ and ‌Tarrytown‌ because of a "significant mudslide" onto tracks due to the rain.

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As of early Sunday afternoon, service on Metro-North's Hudson Line between Croton-Harmon and Tarrytown remained partially suspended because of a "major mudslide" in Westchester County, which "dumped soil, rocks and debris onto the tracks," reports CBS.

Some commuters told CBS they were forced to take either a cab or Uber after the disruption. The delays to Metro-North and Amtrak lead to many extra hours and inconveniences for weekend travelers, says CBS.

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A statement on Amtrak's website said, "Due to a track outage issue, all Amtrak service operating between Albany, NY and New York has been cancelled for the remainder of the day on Sat. October 21." The suspended service ran through Sunday, according to Amtrak 

No one was hurt or trapped during the mudslide, according to reports.

As of Monday morning, train service was restored for the morning commute.

Mudslide Causes 

Mudslides are a form of mass wasting involving the fast-moving flow of debris and dirt that has become liquified by the addition of water.

Heavy rainfall, snowmelt, or high levels of groundwater flowing through cracked bedrock may trigger a movement of soil or sediments in landslides that continue as mudflows.

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