A local ice cream worker has sent shockwaves through the Internet after showing off her incredible whipped cream talent.

Everyone has a gift. And for a worker at one of the Hudson Valley's favorite ice cream stands, that gift is flinging whipped cream into the air. After a long Labor Day weekend, the staff at Joe's Dairy Bar were letting off some steam when they uncovered the employee's hidden talent.

The award-winning Hopewell Junction ice cream stand released a video on Instagram showing a worker identified as "Kelsey" doing something with a can of whipped cream that we can only describe as magical.

In the video, Kelsey sprays a pile of whipped cream on her arm. After making sure the camera is ready, the tasty blob effortlessly pops off of her arm, jumps into the air and lands perfectly in her mouth.  Kelsey makes it look easy, but this is most surely the result of hours and hours of practice, or perhaps witchcraft.

Customers have been responding to the video with utter amazement. Thetomcoteshow replied to the video saying, "That is hero status right there."  Justlikemercury76 said "This is amazing." and Lexie Slagel summed up everyone's reaction by replying, "I'm dead."

Others contemplated trying the whipped cream stunt for themselves. Instagram user, Mostly.fit, declared, "We must try this now." While this does look like lots of fun, I would probably caution anyone from jumping right in, thinking that they can easily do the trick as effortlessly as Kelsey. For one, whipped cream in your nose is not a pleasant experience. Trust me. It's likely that the first dozen or so attempts will leave your nostrils full of cream, not to mention the damage it's going to do to your carpet. Secondly, what happens if you find out you're really good at this? I'd want to do it all the time, and consuming that much whipped cream would probably kill me.

Honestly, it may be best to leave this trick to the expert. With that said, if you do try it, we'd love to see a video of your attempt. You can upload it to us instantly using the WPDH app on your phone.

And the next time you're at Joe's Dairy Bar, be sure to ask for Kelsey. Perhaps she'll perform her amazing whipped cream trick for you in person.

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