Paying full price is for suckers. So if you're headed to the fair this year we've got seven ways you can save some serious cash.

Most locals know that buying Dutchess County Fair tickets in advance can save a ton of money, but there are actually some lesser known tricks and discounts for scoring even cheaper tickets to the fair.

Check out our full list of tips including how to buy special passes, choosing the right day and time to visit the fair and how to take advantage of some crazy deals on ride tickets.

Hopefully we'll be able to save you not only money, but precious time waiting in line at the ticket booth too. Because we believe the only thing you should be waiting in line for at the Dutchess County Fair are those delicious milkshakes.

If you have any money saving tips for visiting the Dutchess County Fair we'd love to hear from you. You can post your best fair secrets in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.