I remember the days when I could eat just about anything I wanted with absolutely no guilt at all. Oh, how I long for those days. When you’re in your twenties and even your thirties, having a burger and fries or whatever greasy food you have a hankering for doesn’t seem so bad. Even if it is. But when you get into the forties and fifties and beyond, you start feeling guilty about the stuff you put in your body. At least I do. And I was thinking about all the foods I’d eat if I didn’t have to deal with guilt. Or the desire to stay healthy.

Foods I Don't Eat Because of Guilt

There are plenty of things that I eat that I shouldn’t. But the things on my list are the ones that make me feel the guiltiest, so I try to steer clear.I must admit, looking at these pictures is making me hungry for things I shouldn’t have. Maybe just one little bite of bacon wouldn’t hurt. Or would it? I hate you, guilt.

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