Can you identify the chair thieves in Monticello, NY?

Two men were caught on a surveillance camera this week stealing chairs from the Kennedy Fried Chicken on Broadway in Monticello.

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Kennedy Fried Chicken restaurants are common, primarily in the New York-New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Baltimore areas of the United States, but also in nearby smaller cities or towns along the Northeastern United States.

Kennedy Fried Chickens typically competes with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in several states along the East Coast. The Hudson Valley has many Kennedy Fried Chicken locations including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, New Windsor, Beacon, Kingston, Middletown and Monticello, among others.

A recent posting on a Kennedy Fried Facebook page for the location at 462 Broadway in Monticello, NY, which opened back in 2021, is calling out thieves that brazenly, picked up chairs from the restaurant and walked out with them.

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"These people stole two chairs from Kennedy Fried Chicken Monticello, NY anyone knows them please call the police with their names. thanks" reads a posting under surveillance video of the incident.

In two separate videos, you can see the two men, one in a red jacket and one in a grey jacket, nonchalantly picking up the chairs and walking out of the establishment with them. See Below.

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Monticello Police confirmed that a report was filed on April 8, 2024, regarding this incident. No word on why the men were stealing the folding chairs in the first place. Is there a chair shortage in Monticello? Are folding chairs in high demand?

We're really not sure, but the video doesn't lie. If you have any information, contact the local authorities and help get this local, area business their chairs back.

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