The Hudson Valley is preparing for an explosion of color as cherry blossoms trees begin to bloom. So, where's the best place to see these magnificent trees in all their glory?

Washington D.C. is famous for its display of cherry blossoms every spring. Because of its slightly warmer climate, trees in the D.C. area have already reached full bloom. Cherry blossoms in the Hudson Valley, however, are just getting ready to put on their spectacular show and are expected to burst into color over the next few weeks.

Several threads have popped up on social media this week asking for advice on the best local areas to witness nature's annual display of colors. It turns out that there are actually several great spots to see cherry blossoms in the Hudson Valley. While some of these spots are at formal gardens and parks, there are clusters of trees planted in some unsuspecting places that anyone can visit this spring.


Locust Grove Brewery in Milton

According to many people on social media, some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees can be found on the property of Locust Grove Brewery in Milton. Located on a working fruit farm, the brewery has spectacular views of the Hudson River framed by many flowering trees, including some amazing cherry blossoms. And what better way to see the cherry blossoms than by sitting back and soaking in the scenery with a delicious beer?

Hillside Cemetery in Middletown

While hanging out in a cemetery may creep some people out, others find it peaceful and relaxing. If you're in agreement with the later, you may want to take a trip to Hillside Cemetery in Middletown. According to a few locals, there are a few cherry trees there that usually have beautiful blooms. The historic cemetery also makes for a beautiful backdrop.


Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park

No matter when you visit, there's always something in bloom on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion. You can find some lovely cherry blossoms as well as other flowering trees in the gardens just south of the main house.

Orange County Arboretum

One of the area's best-kept secrets is the Arboretum in Montgomery. The 35-acre property is home to several gardens, including the Asian Tea Garden which boasts a pair of beautiful cherry blossoms. There's also an Alpine Garden, a 9-11 Memorial Park and other displays of impressive plants and trees.

Boscobel House & Gardens

You may know Boscobel for their yearly Shakespeare in the Park performances, but earlier in the spring another sort of show takes place as the cherry blossom trees come into full bloom. Even if you're not going for a tour of the house, non-members must pay and admission charge to view the garden and grounds, but many say the experience is well worth it. Boscobel is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday from 9am to Sunset.


Poughkeepsie Waterfront

There are several cherry blossom trees that line the Hudson River in front of Waryas Park. When in full bloom, these trees make for a great photo-op because the Walkway Over The Hudson makes a spectacular background if taken from just the right angle.

Rose Hill Farm in Red Hook

It's currently bloom season at Rose Hill Farm just off Route 9 in Red Hook. In early to mid-April the farm starts to come alive with plum blossoms, followed by peach blossoms and then a spectacular showing of cherry blossoms. The farm has several events during the spring and has its own taproom as well.

Do you have another great local spot to view the cherry blossoms as they come into full bloom? Drop us a message on our app and let us know where it is.

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