Another local business that has served the Hudson Valley for over 60 years has shut their doors on Friday and will reopen Monday under a new name.

Molloy Pharmacy in Hyde Park is undergoing weekend renovations, turning it into a CVS. Hudson Valley News posted the following photo on their Facebook page:

According to Molloy's website, which is still operational, the company has been in business, serving Hyde Park residents for over 6 decades. The "about us" page reads as follows:

"Everything, every day for over 60 years", truly gives the community a good idea of what Molloy's Pharmacy is all about.  The store supplies a wide variety of merchandise, everyday needs that include prescriptions, greeting cards, gifts, house wares, tools, seasonal supplies, medical equipment and stationary items are always available to you. New York State Lottery, magazines, and even a gallon of milk are here when you need them.  In the pharmacy department almost all insurance companies are accepted, government programs, and workman’s compensation are accepted as well.  Come on in!

What do you think about the disappearance of Molloy's? Are you sad to see a locally owned business gone, or is this just progress?