Snowplow operators keep the Hudson Valley moving during the worst storms. While all of us are snuggled in bed, these dedicated professionals brave cold and dangerous conditions to make sure our roadways are kept clear.

Sadly, many snowplow operators don't receive the praise they deserve thanks to a few bad apples. There's a big difference between a trained and licensed driver who works for a reputable company and some guy who slaps a plow on his truck and zips around town hoping to make a quick buck. Some of these drivers either don't know how to work a plow or just don't care. Here are the top five reasons why those rotten plow drivers give the rest of them a bad rap.

Plowing snow into the street

I don't know how many times I've been driving on a perfectly plowed road when I suddenly hit a wall of snow. That's courtesy of the lazy snowplow operator who decided to clear their client's driveway directly into the street. Taking the extra time to do the job right is something some drivers simply don't seem to be interested in.

Piling snow around your car

Thanks for clearing the parking lot, but did you have to pile all of the snow around my car? We don't expect the plowman to shovel us out, but going out of their way to entomb your car in snow? That's messed up.

Running red lights

I see this all the time. Just because you have a little flashy light on your roof doesn't mean you can make a U-turn on Route 9 at a red light. You're not invincible, and there are other cars that are trying to use the road too.

Backing up at ridiculous speeds

We get it. You are proficient in maneuvering your truck. But guess what?  there are other people on the road. Maybe slow it down a little before you back out onto a busy road. Slamming on the brakes in an inch of sleet is not a fun way to start my day.

Making it rain salt

Salting and sanding is an important way to keep roadways safe. But do you really need to open up that spreader at a red light when you pull up next to stopped vehicles? Let's make a deal; we'll stay a safe distance away and you stop pelting us with salt when you get close to us.

At the end of the day, the Hudson Valley would completely shut down without the dedicated snowplow operators who suffer through a thankless job just to make sure we stay safe on the roads. Let's hope those few lazy plow drivers wise up and stop giving those hard-working snowplow operators a bad name.

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