I consider myself lucky to live in the Hudson Valley. The river, the mountains, the greenery in the spring, the fall foliage, and even the Norman Rockwell-type winters (until you gotta shovel). And I also love all the cool towns. I especially love living in Dutchess County, where I can spend hours going from small town to small town, visiting local shops and restaurants.

Most people around the Hudson Valley are familiar with Beacon, one of the coolest Dutchess County towns ever, and Rhinebeck which has great shops and eateries and lots of celebrities. Millbrook is another popular go-to Dutchess County town. But there are a few Dutchess County towns that haven’t quite hit the popularity of Beacon, Rhinebeck or Millbrook, yet they’re great little towns for shopping and eating.

5 Hidden Gem Dutchess County Towns


I’ve actually come up with a list of 5 of my favorite lesser-known Dutchess County towns. I’ve spent time in each one of these towns, and go back often.

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Most of the towns on the list are in the northeast section of Dutchess County, but still not too far from Poughkeepsie. The farthest one may be an hour at most from Poughkeepsie, and some are even closer. So, when you’re tired of the crowds in Beacon, and when you’ve seen all there is to see in Rhinebeck and Millbrook, get in your car and head to one of these awesome Dutchess County towns.

5 Lesser-Known Dutchess County Towns You Should Visit

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