Most of my friends have pets. Some have cats, most of them have digs, and a few have both cats and dogs. Being a pet owner is a big responsibility and it’s well worth it. The joy that a pet can bring into your life far outweighs the responsibilities. Today we’re talking about pet adoption, specifically adopting a dog here in the Hudson Valley. 

Let’s assume that you’ve done all the research about owning a dog, the ups and downs, the costs and care. And you think you’re ready to take on the responsibility. What’s next? Where do you go about getting a dog here in the Hudson Valley? There are plenty of dogs in local shelters that would love to go home with you. But where are the area shelters? 

There are the county SPCAs, and there are great rescue organizations, too. I’ve done a little research for you and have come up with 5 great places to adopt a dog in our area. A few of them I have worked with directly, and the others I have heard great things about. I’m sure there are more, but here are my top 5. 

5 Great Places to Adopt a Dog in the Hudson Valley

5 of the Hudson Valley's Best Animal Shelters

Of course there are private adoptions and breeders if that’s your thing, but there are so many puppies and dogs sitting in shelters waiting for you to adopt them and bring them home. And if that’s more your thing, I hope this guide helps you out. Wishing you and your new best friend many years of happiness.

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