There are a host of crazy new foods as well as some old favorites at the 176th Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck.

While the fair is full of many attractions, the real reason everyone goes to the annual celebration in Dutchess County is for the food. Milkshakes, fried dough, and sausage and pepper sandwiches are on everyone's list, but there are also a number of other delicious foods you won't want to overlook.

We've compiled the 30 best food items available at this year's Dutchess County Fair. Are you brave enough to try them all?


Belgian Waffles

Amy's Sweet Treats with two locations at the fair has sundaes, floats and frozen custard, but don't miss out on their fresh Belgian Waffles. Amy's is located on lower road.

Meatballs on a Stick

Angelo's, located in the infield, may advertise their meatball subs, Mazzarepas and blooming onions, but the real treat is the meatball on a stick which is the perfect meal-on-the-go.

Apple Crisp

Loaded with ice cream, whipped cream and caramel, these desserts at Awesome Apple Crisp truly live up to their name. You can find them on lower road.

Mac and Meatball Squares

Bambaz Mac & Meatballs deep fries macaroni into delicious squares that can be made with meatball, salmon, broccoli or even lobster. You can find them in the infield


Tom's Chompers

Described as "tasty balls of goodness." these deep-fried balls come in bacon cheeseburger, chicken parm and taco varieties.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

If you're hankering for a potato with all the works, Billie's Baked Potatoes in the food mall has heaping portions that are big enough for two or more.

Pulled Pork

Bruiser's Barbecue on the lower road offers mouth-watering pulled pork, mac and cheese, brisket and more.

Sausage and Peppers

There are several places for a great sausage and peppers sandwich at the Dutchess County Fair, but our favorite is Butcher Boys in the food mall. Just follow the aroma from anywhere to find them.

Chicken on a Stick

If it comes on a stick, we're in. Chan's Concessions on Lower Road has a selection of Asian foods, including portable chicken.

Fried Brussel Sprouts

I'm not sure if this counts as health-food, but Brussel sprouts have never tasted this good. You can find them at Chopping Block Caterers in the food mall.

Facebook/Eddie's Pickles
Facebook/Eddie's Pickles

Pickle Juice Drinks

Full of electrolytes, pickle juice is actually a great option for staying hydrated during the fair. You can find some specialty brine drinks as well as pickles on a stick at Eddie's Pickles in the food mall.


There are quite a few pizza places to choose from. You can't go wrong at Gillette's Pizza in the horticulture area or Griff's in the food mall.

Ribbon Fries

Griff's in the food mall has those thin, ribbon fries you're looking for in regular or sweet potato.

Lobster Grilled Cheese

J's Crabshack may be known for their lobster rolls, but don't miss out on the lobster grilled cheese.


No fair is complete without a trip to Jane's Polish Food. While their pirogies are the main draw, you'd be a fool not to try their stuffed cabbage.

A. Boris
A. Bori


Everyone talks about the 4-H milkshakes near the livestock, and for good reason. It's probably the most delicious shake you'll have all year. But if the line's too long, JoJo's Farm Fresh Ice Cream in the lower food mall or Polar Bear's Homemade Ice cream in the infield will certainly do the trick.

Kettle Corn

It just wouldn't be the fair without kettle corn.  You've got two great options this year at either  JR's Kettlecorn in the infield or What's Poppin' Kettle Korn on Fair Exhibit Way.


It's not hard to make good french fries and you can find plenty of good ones at the fair. However, KB foods elevates those fries to a whole new level by topping them with cheddar, bacon, ranch, chili, gravy, jalapeños, buffalo sauced more. They're set up on the lower road.

Facebook/Bob Maxwell Walkaways Inc.
Facebook/Bob Maxwell Walkaways Inc.

Walk-Away Sundae

Maxwell's is back. This D.C. Fair staple will once again have their famous walk-away sundaes located right in the middle of the action in the food mall.

Roast Corn

Always fresh off the grill and dunked into a huge vat of butter, Old Style Foods is the place to grab roasted corn. They're located on the lower road.

Pretzel Dogs

A hot dog wrapped in a pretzel? Yes, please. Paula's Pretzels has them in their lower road location.

Giant Donuts

Either glazed or creme, Peach's Baking Company in the Horticulture Area is serving up giant donuts that will feed more than one.


If you're looking for Jamaican Food, Reggae Boy Cafe has an authentic assortment including curry goat, jerk pork, oxtails, collard greens and more.

Crab Cakes

Sherri's Crab Cakes is famous all over the east coast for their crab cake sandwiches, platters and crab soup. They'll be on the lower road in their mobile food truck.

Facebook/Taste Budd's Cafe
Facebook/Taste Budd's Cafe

Cream Puff

Taste Budd's Cafe in Rhinebeck is famous for its Dutchess County Fair cream puff. If you've never had this treat, this has got to be your year to find out why it's on everyone's must-eat list.

Candy Apples

Your teeth may not thank you, but the best candy apples at the fair can be found at Tish's with two locations in the horticulture area and on the lower road.

Griff's Loaded Onion

Bloomin' Onion fans need to hunt down Griff's in the food mall for enormous, deep-fried onion blossoms.


Fried Oreos

It wouldn't be a fair without deep-fried Oreo cookies. You can find them this year at Sugar Shakers at the Food Mall.


Authentic Greek gyros, as well as other Mediterranean items like falafel, tabouleh, dolmas and baklava can be found at Timi’s Foods in the food mall.

German Food

Brats, wurst, sauerkraut, cucumber salad and other classic German dishes will be served up during the fair at Scottie's Good Food on the lower road.

These are just 30 of our favorite foods at this year's Dutchess County Fair, but there is plenty more to discover. If you find something delicious at this year's fair that didn't make our list, send us a message on our free mobile app so we can give it a try.

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