Recently 3 men from Poughkeepsie were arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in a home invasion style robbery that took place in the Summer of 2022. The robbery took place in Pleasant Valley on July 2. During the robbery 2 victims were hurt though their injuries were considered to be  'minor'.

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Why Did the Investigation Take So Long?

One thing everyone must understand in regards to police investigations is that the work of law enforcement is different than on TV. In a one hour TV show, things can be wrapped up very quickly, however in reality that is not often the case.

A blurred police car in the background behind yellow crime scene tape.

Law enforcement stated that this particular case was 'complex' and that information regarding this particular was limited and much of it was withheld from the public due to the fact that it was considered 'confidential'. Aside from the minor injuries to the victims, the only other known info regarding the case was that the alleged thieves took money and that law enforcement considered the robbery deliberate, in that the robbers intentionally picked their victims.

Who are the Three Accused Poughkeepsie Men?

Law enforcement over the course of the investigation arrested each of the three accused men at different times in the past few months.

The first arrest was of 47 year old, Marlon Washington. He was arrested last November and was charged with...

two counts of robbery, burglary, kidnapping, criminal possession of a weapon, and conspiracy.


Police then arrested 22 year old Jimy Peraltamarte this past March where he was charged with the same crimes as Mr. Washington.

The final arrest came recently on April 12, where police took in 47 year old Miguel Lora. Lora was charged with two counts of robbery and burglary.

All three men have been sent to and are being held at the Dutchess County Jail. Lora is being held on a probation violation, Peraltamarte has been remanded on bail or bond (bail of $100K and bond $200K) and Washington is has been on hold without bail.

Matias Nieto/Getty Images
Matias Nieto/Getty Images

Citizens with any other knowledge on this particular case are encouraged to contact Detective Jared Griffin at 845-486-3820 or email In addition, you may also contact the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office at 845-605-CLUE (2583) or

Anyone who does use this contact information should also be advised that shared information will be kept confidential.

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