According to science, 2 of the scariest movies of all time were filmed right here in the Hudson Valley.

There's never a bad time to curl up at home with your favorite blanket, good company, great snacks and a good ol' scary movie.

Back in 2020, UK company  Broadband Choices came up with the Science of Scare Project. This scare project, according to their website, is "an experiment to categorically find the scariest movies in existence, based on what gets audiences heart’s pumping."

What they do is take 250+ victims and make them watch 40 of the scariest movies of all time including newer films from the last 18 months that were recommended thanks to the horror movie thread on Reddit.

Participants are then fitted for heart rate monitors, which they wore during their screenings of the scary films. Then the folks at Broadband Choices "measured the average impact our shortlisted movies had on the heart rate (measured in BPM) of our subjects, compared to the average resting BPM of 64."

According to their measurements, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II made viewers' hearts start racing. A Quiet Place Part II came in the top 10 at #8 (with a spike of 123 BPM) while the original came in at #14 (with the highest BPM spike of 120).

Both A Quiet Place and Part II were filmed across the Hudson Valley, in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, and Putnam counties. The mid-Hudson region is filled with haunted history, so of course, movies filmed in the area will give viewers the biggest scare.

You can check out the list below for full heart rate readings and to determine which scary movies will give you the biggest scare during your next movie night.

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