Think your neighbor's property is a bit unsightly and unkept? Try living next to this slob. The NY Post ran a story about a nightmare home in Queens that looks more like a landfill than an actual house. Neighbors have tried in desperation to get her to clean her space, but to no avail.

The Post says the woman who lives at the residence on 118th Avenue in South Jamaica has piles of garbage and junk that has accumulated and stacked up to the point you can't even see the front yard. The Post reports that she even has $343,000 in unpaid fines since 2015.

There's also another problem; rats. Very large rats who are said to run all over the property.

One neighbor, Pat Johnson, told the Post: 

We’ve called 311, we’ve written to the local assemblyman, we started petitions but nothing helps.

We tried to talk to [a resident] but she’ll just curse you out. And she isn’t mentally unstable, she’s just evil.

New York Administrative Code 27-2010 states that “the occupant of a single-family dwelling” must keep the roof, yard, courts and other open spaces “clean and free from  dirt, filth, garbage or other offensive material.”

But this doesn't seem to bother the woman living there. In fact, neighbors told the Post that she even hangs tickets issued to her by the city on her property like she's proud.

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