If you thought you got a lot of snow from this week's storm, you're right. But two Hudson Valley towns won bragging rights for receiving more snow than anyone else.

A violent nor'easter ripped through the Hudson Valley on Monday and stuck around through late Tuesday dumping over two feet of snow in some areas of the region. While early forecasts called for the most snowfall to occur far to our south, it was actually the Hudson Valley that received the most accumulations.

Schools were shuttered and vehicles were ordered off of the road as a state of emergency was declared for most of the Hudson Valley. As the snow started to pick up on Monday afternoon it was clear that this storm was going to be a whopper, putting snow blowers and shovels to the test.

The National Weather Service posted a list of the towns that received the most snow in each state and two Hudson Valley communities tied for having over two feet of snow, the most in all of New York state. While that's a lot of snow, it's considerably less than what was seen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The most snowfall recorded from the storm was in Nazareth, Pennsylvania where residents are still digging out from an incredible 36.1 inches. In second place was Mount Arlington, New Jersey with 35.5 inches. The Hudson Valley came in third, with the Villages of Saugerties and Fishkill both measuring in at 25.6 inches. While these are the official results, you may actually see significantly more snow in your yard thanks to strong winds that created monster drifts in some areas.

Hudson Valley Pets in the snow