So last week I wrote about how I fell down a rabbit hole reading about some of the most ridiculous laws that exist in New York State. Well now it's a week later and I have not found my way out of the rabbit hole. There's a seemingly endless list of laws that exist or have existed in New York and it's so difficult to comprehend the immense levels of stupidity.

Not going to waste any time so let's get into it...

german law books with judge gavel. ideal for websites and magazines layouts

Number 5: NO NO NO!!! Bad Donkey!!!

So for this first entrant on this new list, I'm going to make the general assumption that it was a law crafted for a different time and era in New York but apparently, it is against the law to...

allow your donkey to sleep in your bathtub

Seriously...what jackass thought that this was necessary?

Getty Images/iStockphoto/tepic
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ tepic

Number 4: Look Out Guys, It's the Fashion Police

This next entrant is strictly for the guys. In New York...

Men are forbidden to wear a jacket without matching pants.

I'll add a caveat to this law where it would make sense to enforce and it's that...if the Fashion Police showed up and arrested everyone that attends the Met Gala every year. Have you seen what they wear at that event?

Met Gala 2023 - Karl Lagerfeld Red Carpet Looks
Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld

Number 3: It's a Two For One Special

No seriously, this next entrant counts as two because New York has some strange rules when it comes to ice cream. To be clear this law is not against ice cream itself.

So imagine this, it's a hot day you are waiting for public transportation in this case a bus and you think to yourself, 'Hey ice cream would be great right now'; perfectly rational thought right? WRONG!!! You stop that thinking right now, because in New York...

No one is allowed to eat ice cream on a bus stop.

Bank Holiday Monday Sunshine In The UK
Getty Images

Here's the second half of the 'special' and this law only applies to one day during the week. On Sundays in the state of New York...

It is illegal to place an ice cream cone in your pocket.

Ice cream

If you are reading this right now thinking 'there's no way this could get dumber'. Sorry, not sorry, you're wrong because the answer YES!!! this of course will get dumber because we still have two more to go.

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 Number 2: Inventory On Your Roommates

This apparently isn't just a law but most likely it's also problematic to many NY residents, especially if you live in the city. In New York...

it is illegal for three or more unrelated individuals to reside in the same apartment.

To whoever crafted this law all I have to say is... HAVE YOU SEEN HOW EXPENSIVE THIS WHOLE PLACE IS!!!? And if you live in the city forget it. It costs you an arm and a leg to rent a closet for a month.


Number 1: We Have Reached the Top of 'Stupidity Mountain'

I'm not sure if anyone reading this is actually eager to read this last one or begging for all of this to be over with, so keeping that in mind whichever side you land on I'm going to make you happy.

New York City Midtown West skyline from the Hudson River with the skyscrapers of the Hudson Yards (Manhattan)

In...the state of New is not only illegal but...

you get the Death Penalty for jumping off a building.

silhouette of a man's head
Evgeny Gromov

Check Out The Original List Here: You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: 5 Ridiculous Laws in New York State 

You see I told you this was the top of 'Stupidity Mountain'. Anyway, I don't know what to tell you for this one it explains itself. I think I'm good for today, can only handle so much stupid in one sitting.

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