If you live in the Hudson Valley, you may not think of the Hudson River as the cleanest water source. And if you're a seafood lover, you definitely don't want your meal to be caught from there. One local group wants you to think otherwise.

The Billion Oyster Project is a local movement to restore a sustainable oyster population in the Hudson River. BOP says that oysters were the original ecosystem engineers in the Hudson, and covered more than 220,000 acres of the River. These oysters have been completely eliminated due to over harvesting, dredging, and pollution.

As of last month, BOP has restored 22 million oysters and recycled 700,000 pounds of shells. Over 7,000 people have gotten involved with the cause, and 70 restaurants have stepped up to help too.

I love oysters, and all seafood for that matter, but I'm not sure how I feel about eating something that came from the Hudson. Would you eat oysters from the Hudson River?