An 80-year-old New York state woman in a nursing home is accused of physically attacking a staff member, says officials. New York State Police say the resident used a cord from a medical device, wrapping it around the neck of a nurse late Wednesday night.

Police say the unruly octogenarian then shoved the worker into a closet and pulled their hair.

Nursing Home Resident Allegedly Attacked Staff With Cord

WNYT says that the 80-year-old resident of Essex Center, which is a nursing and rehabilitation facility in Elizabethtown, went after staff during a wild incident late Wednesday.

A police investigation says it all started when the woman wanted nebulizer treatment, but the nurse told her it wasn't time yet. The American Lung Association describes a nebulizer as a device that turns "liquid medicine into a mist which is then inhaled through a mouthpiece or a mask."

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WNYT says the woman then asked for cough syrup, though she was told to wait, as staff had to double-check when the last time she had taken the medication. State Police say this is when the elderly woman attacked the nurse with the nebulizer cord, "wrapping the cord around the nurse’s neck, obstructing her airway."

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WNYT says the worker was able to get the cord away, though the suspect allegedly pushed the nurse into a nearby linen closet, and "started pulling the nurse’s hair."

Police say other staff stepped in to help, as the nurse was later evaluated, but luckily had no injuries. State Police say the ornery granny was arrested and taken down to the station.

Yahoo News says the suspect is due back in court this month.

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