It is going to be another fun week on The Boris and Robyn Show.  We are giving you the chanced to win tickets to see Todd Rundgren this Sunday at the Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center.  Make sure you are listening every weekday morning at 7:45.

We also have tickets to Kevin McCurdy's Holiday Spirit Festival in Wappingers Falls.  Listen closely to our show, because if you know the answer to our listener of the day question, you will win the tickets.  And that's not all.

Best selling author Dean Koontz will be joining us on Tuesday, and we'll be talking to Todd Rundgren later in the week.  Attorney Jonna Spilbor will give us legal advice on Thursday, and we'll have the latest from Billy the Biker on Friday.  Plus, up to the minute news and traffic.  By the way, I'm off today.  Maybe you noticed.  Maybe not.  Either way, I'll be back tomorrow.  Enjoy the day.