If you've never tried pineapple on your pizza you have no idea what you're missing.

When given the opportunity to eat pineapple pizza, most people pass. Opting, instead, for the usual pepperoni or plain slice. The most common excuse is that the combination just sounds "weird." Who wants to risk ruining their dinner by experimenting with a new pizza topping?

I felt the same way for years until one day, in the mood for something out of the ordinary, I spontaneously ordered a "Hawaiian pie" from my local pizzeria and it changed my life forever.

I did not expect the combination of pineapple and tomato sauce to work so well together. It wasn't too sweet, but the combination, paired with the savory ham, was something out of this world. Since that day I've been a loyal pineapple pizza fan. When ordering pizza it's always my first choice.

Whenever I meet people who have never even tried pineapple pizza, I always encourage them to at least give it a taste. Most of the time they're pleasantly surprised.

Recently I found out that Robyn, Meat Sandwich and Bobby Welber have never eaten pineapple pizza. Of course, I had to correct this terrible injustice. Just take a look at their reaction when eating pineapple pizza for the very first time. It may convince you to finally give it a try.