See you later, social media.

Today I'm deleting three apps from my phone. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all heading into the trash bin. No, I'm not becoming a monk or swearing off social media forever, but it's time for a much-needed break.

I've been broadcasting a live radio show every day since the very beginning of the global pandemic. While my job is nowhere near as challenging as other frontline workers, it has still taken a pretty good toll on my mental health. Keeping everyone informed on what's been going on means I've been unable to unplug -- at all. With the news constantly changing I've needed to spend more time on social media, finding out what the Hudson Valley is most concerned about and the issues you need us to cover.

Unfortunately, that also means that I've been bombarded with all of the angry, hateful and misinformed people that seem to gravitate to social media. And, honestly, I need a break from all of that. In reality, the vast majority of my followers are awesome people. And while I enjoy their online company so much, they're not invited to come on vacation with me.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going dark. And because I know the pull to open those apps "just to take a peek" is so great, I'm eliminating any temptation by deleting them entirely from my phone.

My hope is to connect with my family, read an actual book made of paper and take a break from all of the madness that's been going on. I'm confident that all of the terrible things in the world will be just as terrible when I return. But I'm also optimistic that this time away will give me the opportunity to finally see all of the incredibly wonderful things out there that never seem to make it to my timeline.

Although I will miss those pictures of your cats... See you in August.

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