You're not alone if you find yourself mowing the lawn more frequently than usual this year.

Just two days after mowing my lawn last week I noticed that it was already growing out of control. During a normal season, I'll usually wind up mowing the lawn once a week. Sometimes I can wait even longer if it's been especially hot and dry. So what's going on this year that's making the lawn grow like crazy?

It figures that the year gas prices have climbed out of control is the same year I have to fill up the mower at least twice a week. The good news is that at least I'm not alone. We asked Hudson Valley residents how often they're mowing this season and found out that grass seems to be growing out of control all over the region.

Most people attribute the cooler spring weather and rain to the current lawn boom, with some saying they've given up fertilizing in hopes of slowing down the grass this year. Those who are able to get out and mow say the schedule has them exhausted. Others complain that their busy schedules make it tough to keep up with the lawn. When they finally get a chance to tackle the grass, the yard winds up being a big, clumpy mess.

A man mowing grass with a mow in a farm yard

Experts say that you shouldn't cut more than one inch off the top of your lawn, but many have no choice. While mulching your grass clippings into the lawn is preferred, landscape professionals say that homeowners should consider bagging if they are tackling an extremely long lawn. Too many grass clippings sitting on your lawn isn't only unsightly, but could also eventually kill new growth.

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