Troubling stats show more New Yorkers fleeing the state.

It's never good news when more people are leaving somewhere than coming in, but that's exactly what's happening in New York State.  For the third year in a row, United Van Lines reports more customers moving out of the Empire State than moving in. The trend follows other national statistics that show people migrating away from the Northeast.

The moving company shows Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut as the top four states with moving deficits. In New York, 61% of moving jobs are from people leaving the state.

While everyone seems to be running from the Northeast, Vermont must be doing something right. The state ranked number one with 68% of movers coming inbound.

So where are New Yorkers going? According to the statistics, Vermont is followed by Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and South Dakota as the most moved-to locations across the country.

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