The other day I was reading all the different posts on my facebook news feed page, and I noticed that Bethel Woods Center for the Arts posted about the Chicago and Doobie Brothers show that is coming in July.  Most people were happy about it, but one person wrote a complaint about the same old tired bands.  Really?

Let me tell you a little story.  I only sort of liked The Doobie Brothers for years.  Then I saw them live when they played a WPDH Summer Concert.  They were so amazing live that I became a big fan.  Styx?  I thought they were just okay.  Then I saw them live at Bethel Woods, and again at The Mid Hudson Civic Center.  Two great performances.  And now I'm a pretty big Styx fan.  What I am trying to say is why not give those so called tired old bands a chance.  You might find that you like them more than you ever realized.  I have made a living off of classic rock.  In my opinion, if you can still play and make an audience happy, and maybe even make new fans, then you are not a tired old band.

Who would you like to see play here in The Hudson Valley?  We have some awesome venues.  Bethel Woods, The Mid Hudson Civic Center, The Bardavon and UPAC, The Chance, Daryl's House, just to name a few.  Let us know what bands you would go see.  You can comment below or on facebook.  Thanks for your input.