Singer-songwriter Eric Carmen passed away this week at the age of 74.

I was a big Eric Carmen fan over the years, from the time as a child to current day. Eric Carmen's music was a soundtrack to many of our lives.

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The American singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist was first known as the lead vocalist of the Raspberries. He had numerous hit songs in the 1970s and 1980s, first as a member of the Raspberries (who had a million-selling single with "Go All the Way"), one of the greatest pop-rock songs ever in my opinion. Just listen to the 3 plus minutes of pop perfection.

Carmen followed up his time with the Raspberries with a successful  solo career, including hits such as "All By Myself", "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again", "Hungry Eyes" (from the movie Dirty Dancing), and "Make Me Lose Controll".

"All By Myself" was always a personal favorite. The raw emotion of the song can't be denied. Carmen: "If you walked in a record store and saw 'All By Myself' on the record label, you'd know what the song was about, and it's an emotion that everyone has felt at some point in their life. Therefore, it's a song that goes immediately to your heart. The lyrics are as simple as I could possibly make them. Sometimes my melodies are so dramatic that if the lyric is that dramatic, it's overkill."

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Hearing of the Eric Carmen's passing hit me pretty hard. I've always loved his music, even played the hell out of his "Best of" collection that I owned on cassette many years ago.


Back in 2019 I posted a video that kinda went viral, well, sorta. At least for me on my social media platform LOL The video got a lot of views, 150 plus recations and a bunch of comments. In the 39 second clip, I'm cruising along in my Beamer through sad eyes while Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" plays in the background (see video below. In the black box that says Unavailable, just click where it says Video on Facebook). Its a powerful song that resonates with many. Rest easy Eric Carmen, and thanks for the music.

A couple of years ago marked the 35th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, a movie and soundtrack where Eric Carmen was prominently featured. Check out 35th anniversary Dirty Dancing merch.

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