Is this crazy, or is this guy a true visionary with an incredible business idea? Maybe the former, but the fact remains that a lot of folks were quite upset when Taco Bell announced that they were removing a bunch of items from their menus. Is this a big deal? To some, yes. There's even been online petitions to bring some of those items back.

So, it appears one man decided to fight this injustice by grabbing a few of these discontinued items, freezing them, and selling them online for a massive profit. River Front Times says that Bryant Hoban of O'Fallon, Missouri bought three Potato Soft Tacos, froze them, and attempted to sell them on Facebook Marketplace as a three pack for $200. What did they originally go for? A buck or two?

If you're worried about buying food items that have been discontinued for months from a fast food chain on the internet, well, his listing says the potato tacos are in "mint condition" and were brought straight "from drive through to freezer.". Good to know this information for some real peace of mind. Again, this may seem ludicrous, but we may have a real budding business model on our hands, Hoban told RFT that this was just the beginning:

I've had this idea of 'investment sandwiches' where, like, you'd buy a limited-offer sandwich in bulk, freeze it, and then sell it later for a profit. You know, like the McRib — McDonald's only offers it once a year, but the demand doesn't go away.

Hoban says he's sold two out of the three Potato Softs for $70 apiece. He's still looking for a third buyer, but may keep the last one. Will he end up eating it? Or does he have other plans? Hoban says he's considering donating the potato taco to science to be studied. he says he's hoping they can "retrieve the taco DNA for cloning". 

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