This weekend's weather may have you questioning if it's really almost the middle of May. What happened to spring? Friday's forecast should be slightly more spring-like, but then cooler weather is expected to return by the weekend. The threat of rain is expected to persist over the next several days, with a brief break by Sunday. However, it looks like the well below average temperatures could stick around as we head into next week.

Highs Friday will be in the mid 60s, as clouds are expected to increase by the afternoon. This will bring the chance for rain back to the area by overnight, as lows will fall to around 40. Forecasters say the rain will last off and on through Saturday, as highs are only expected to reach around 50. Some weather outlets, like Hudson Valley weather, are calling for temperatures to only reach the upper 40s during the day. Skies will clear out as we head into Saturday night, as lows could fall into the upper 30s overnight.

Sunday will bring a needed break to the weather, as skies will remain partly cloudy and highs will reach the low 60s during the day. However, the sunnier weather will be short lived. Meteorologists say the chance for rain will return by Sunday night, and it could stay that way as enter the next week. Looking ahead, the Weather Channel says that daytime temps should stay in the upper 50s to low 60s for most of next week, leaving some wondering when it will warm up and stay that way.

But while some may not want to see their Saturday plans being rained out, the wet weather will bring some needed precipitation to the area. But some weather experts had said the area could see increased chances for severe weather as the spring progresses further. As we approach next week, temperatures are expected to soar into the 80s by Wednesday This should usher in a pattern of consistently warmer weather across the region into early May. How is the summer outlook shaping up for the Hudson Valley, according to meteorologists? Depends who you ask. The Farmer's Alamance is predicting that the northeast should expect above average temperatures by mid to late summer, with an increased chance for heavy rains and sever weather..Of course, these forecasts often differ and even contradict. For example, the Weather Channel is saying the northeast should be spared the oppressive heat this summer, and should expect near normal temperatures. But then there's the National Weather Service's long-range forecast, which says the area could see much hotter weather with above average rainfall.

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