The Hudson Valley is in the middle of a very busy winter weather pattern, and it appears that more is on the way. Hudson Valley Weather is forecasting more snow by Saturday night and into Sunday morning, but this could be just another minor storm before the bigger storm hits next week. Aside from just snow, it also looks like the bitterly cold temperatures we've experience will stick around.

Highs Friday will stay in the 20s, with breezy conditions and mostly sunny skies. Lows overnight will fall into the single digits once again. Clouds will return by Saturday, with snow developing by late night. Highs will be in the low 20s, and lows in the teens. As of now, meteorologists are predicting around 1 to 3 inches for the area.

Highs Sunday will climb to around 30, as the snow departs by late morning. We'll see mostly cloudy skies across the area by Sunday afternoon. The clouds once again return though by Sunday overnight, as lows will dip into the 10s. This will once again set the stage for even more snow, as forecasters are predicting this storm to be much bigger. 

As of now, the brunt of the next storm will hit Monday night and into Tuesday. Hudson Valley Weather has not posted any projected amounts just yet, though the Weather Channel is calling for anywhere from 7 to 11 inches. Some forecasters are saying this could be another snow event that lasts for two to three days, as was the case with the major storm that hit the area in early February.

All this winter weather probably has many looking ahead towards spring. But don't hold your breath for warmer weather anytime soon. This may be the general forecast for well into the month of March, as experts say the snow and cold could be sticking around in the Hudson Valley for quite a while. AccuWeather released their spring weather outlook, and the long range forecasts are saying the Northeast might see persistent cold and snow storms through March and even into the early April.

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