This is going to be the weekend to get outdoors. Forecasters say temperatures will soar near 70 for the next several days, making the Hudson Valley feel more like late spring rather than late fall. Could this weather set the tone for the next Hudson Valley winter? Some extended forecasts are saying yes. This weekend will make it hard to believe it actually snowed across the area last Friday. Of course, these long term forecasts aren't always right, so who knows?

Highs Friday afternoon will be around 70, with partly cloudy skies. Lows overnight will be cool, as temperatures will fall into the 40s, with clear skies. Saturday will be sunny and beautiful, with highs in the upper 60s, near 70. Lows will once again fall into the upper 40s. Sunday will see even more of the beautiful weather, as highs will approach 70 again. Sunday night lows will be in the upper 40s, near 50.

The chance for rain will not return until the middle of next week. Highs Monday will again approach 70, as skies will remain mostly sunny. Can't complain about that.

This week actually stated off windy and cold, but a large area of high pressure will keep most of the eastern U.S. warmer than average through most of this coming week. This could be the case for a while.  In fact, the Weather Channel is saying that temperatures should remain pretty mild until at least the middle of November.

Some great weather ahead should be a welcome change from all the anxiety and stress this election, and 2020 in general, has caused a lot of folks. Get outside and enjoy the weekend!

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