The majority of the weekend was cool and cloudy across the Hudson Valley, keeping temperature below normal for this time of year. Will it finally warm up soon as we enter the week? Forecasters say we'll have a few more days of cooler weather before the temps start to climb again towards the following weekend.

Monday will see a few scattered showers during the morning, and cloudy skies during the afternoon. Highs will stay around 60 for most of the day. Skies will slowly clear by the evening, as lows will dip into the lower 40s overnight. Tuesday will bring a mixture of sun and clouds and breezy conditions, with highs around 60. Lows will remain chilly overnight, as temperatures will dip to around 40 once again.

Wednesday will see mostly sunny weather through the day, with highs in the low 60s. Hudson Valley Weather says there could actually be a chance for frost overnight, as lows will be in the upper 30s, to low 40s. Temperatures are expected to finally warm up by Thursday, as highs will climb to the upper 60s.  The next chance for rain returns by Thursday night, as lows will fall into the mid to upper 40s. Friday will see cloudy skies and showers through the day, as highs will be in the mid to upper 60s.

Now, if you're waiting for some real spring weather, then meteorologists say this Saturday and Sunday will bring a return to temperatures in the 70s during the day. As we enter the next coupe of months, how does the summer tropical forecast hold up? Should residents on the East Coast be on the lookoutAccuWeather has released their long-range forecast, and while the numbers aren't quite as record-shattering as last year, 2021 is still expected to be quite an active year again for hurricanes in the Atlantic. Meteorologists are predicting 16 to 20 named storms, seven to 10 hurricanes. with three to five of those expected to become major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater). If these numbers are correct, then expect another above average season. By comparison, a normal year will see around seven hurricanes total. NBC NY even furthers the predictions, by saying there is a 45% chance the East Coast will see a direct strike from the hurricane this season.

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