Just how terrible is the new Buffalo Wild Wings pumpkin spice sauce? You may be surprised by our reaction.

The pumpkin spice craze has long outlasted its welcome, but that hasn't stopped food manufacturers from pumping out more and more autumn flavors of the strangest foods.

We have vowed to taste anything pumpkin spice, in an effort to save the Hudson Valley from having to try these foods for themselves. That means we've subjected ourselves to pumpkin spice salsa, hummus, Pop-Tarts, yogurt and even pumpkin spice hot dogs.

But after hearing that Buffalo Wild Wings was releasing pumpkin spice wings we thought we had finally met our match. So, after ordering a batch of wings slathered in BBQ Pumpkin Ale sauce, we brought them into the studio for an official tasting.

The aroma of pumpkin spice was overwhelming, but did the flavor stand up the meatiness of the wings? You may be surprised by the reaction from our official pumpkin spice taste test panel: