They may sound disgusting, but pumpkin spice hot dogs are surprisingly delicious.

At least that's what three out of four taste testers said today when we tried out pumpkin spice hot dogs for the first time.

The idea of pumpkin and hot dog is bad enough, but what really had us nervous was the whipped cream. Oh, that's right. There's whipped cream on top of this bad boy.

As of now, we are unaware of any restaurant that actually serves these seasonal hot dog creations, but after our experiment we wouldn't be surprised if some brave chefs gave it a try.

The combination of salty and sweet is just impossible to describe in words. Take a look at our surprised reaction when we tried them out for the very first time.

If anyone from the Culinary Institute of America is watching, we're available to teach a class on pumpkin spice hot dogs any time. Just give us a call.