A now-viral clip shot at a Dairy Queen drive-through has the internet talking. Once again, the issue seems to be wearing masks in public. The NY Post reports that the incident happened July 4, when a man took his kids to the drive-through of the Medford, NY Dairy Queen.

The video shows the man asking a manager working the window where her mask was. When she said that she wouldn't wear a mask, the man called her a "Karen." That's when things really escalated. When the man wanted his money back, the manager rudely told another employee to give the man his money.

After some vulgarities, the man drives off, telling the women behind the window that she'll get her employees sick. She responds with a middle finger, according to the video. Of course, in today's age, everyone's got a phone and ready to record. The man can be heard assuring the manager that she'll soon be on Facebook for her actions.

Dairy Queen responded on their Facebook apologizing to the man, though that doesn't seem to be enough, He wants to see the woman fired. According to the Post, she has been demoted.

Some have sided with the dad, saying the woman - a manager, none the less, should have been responsible. others have questioned why the man was even there to begin with. Was it essential? Did he overreact?

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