I am a sucker for any art event. I love wandering through gallery openings, indoor and outdoor art shows and any other type of artisan craft fair I can find. I have found some of my favorite trinkets at artisan events all over the Hudson Valley. The annual events in Poughkeepsie, Kingston and New Paltz bring so many talent people to the area with their creations.

Sometimes you will find something functional but you always find something you are passionate about at an artisan event. This is one of the reasons I stopped down on social media today when I saw a post in my Facebook feed for the Spring Artisan Market this Saturday June 12th from 10AM to 6PM. From what I can tell it looks like it is worth a visit and it also looks like it is at a super cool Beacon venue.

The Market is being hosted by the River Valley Guild who make it their mission to build "community through creativity". They host various event in the Hudson Valley but this one this weekend is at The Yard in Beacon. And yes it looks like a yard but it looks like a really cool yard.

The view on google maps does it no justice - It just looks like a yard.

The Yard in Beacon via Google Maps

The Google Earth view gives you an idea of the area.

The Yard in Beacon via Google Maps

To get the real feel for how cool The Yard is you have to checkout their website. It looks like they host all kinds of events in what is essentially someone's yard. You can visit the River Valley Guild on Facebook to get a better look at what to expect this Saturday. They have past photos of events and vendors they have host at Greig Farm in Red Hook.

Beacon is known for it's artisan crafters so it could be worth the trip just to walk around and see the creativity. Then you can wrap your artisan day in Beacon where you will be able to make a day of it with trendy shopping and never ending food choices.

If you like Artisan Markets you may enjoy Night Markets in the Hudson Valley. These photo are some from the Market that was held in February 2021

Things You Find at a Night Market