According to your Facebook comments, people from the city or "citiots" seem to ruin certain things in the Hudson Valley. Let's explore that...  

We recently wrote an article regarding the closure of Breakneck due to needed repairs and new construction. Once we posted the article to social media, the comments started rolling in.

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Apparently people from the city are the reason Breakneck is closing. Who knew?

Let's explore what other things these "citiots"--as you call them--mess up for us here in the Hudson Valley.

We surveyed our building and this is what we came up with.


  • Jackie Corley/Townsquaremedia
    Jackie Corley/Townsquaremedia

    Breakneck Ridge Trail/ State Parks

    As your comments state, city people leave garbage and disrespect the area by breaking bottles and just being ill prepared.

  • fotokostic

    Apple Picking

    This was a very common answer among those surveyed. Going apple picking is a great family activity to do during fall. But have you tried to go to these farms on a weekend? People from the city love to "drive up north" to enjoy our beautiful farms.

  • photohampster

    Leaf Viewing/Peeping

    We all know we have some of the best views during autumn. The leaves change amazing colors creating a gorgeous landscape. This beauty attracts many people to the area from the city. I don't blame them, it's much nicer than staring at tall buildings. But, more people means more traffic making it harder for us to get around, especially when the city folk stop in the middle of the road to check out the view.

  • Aleksandra Glustsenko
    Aleksandra Glustsenko


    The beauty of the Hudson Valley brings tons of people to the area each year. With that, comes much more traffic. More traffic leads to more accidents. Plus let's be honest, they are terrible drivers.

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    Oddly enough, when we asked people what they thought people from the city have ruined in the Hudson Valley, almost everybody said Beacon. It makes sense that people from the city like Beacon. The train is right there, there's tons of shops and cafes. It is a great area.