Things are moving pretty fast as crews prepare to open LEGOLAND in Orange County.

Crews have been hard at work building a mammoth 150-acre theme park that was scheduled to open last summer. In March LEGOLAND made the decision to push back that opening until 2021 due to construction shutdowns during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While things have not gone as planned, the park announced in July that it was still scheduled to open in 2021. Since then, major progress has been made on the rides and buildings throughout the park.

In October, we posted some behind-the-scenes images from LEGOLAND that showed the park's castle, rides and hotel all in the final stages of construction. Originally, the park was slated to open first, with the hotel to follow. However, now that the park's opening has been delayed, the 250-room hotel will also debut this summer.

Hudson Valley residents who had already purchased annual memberships are anxiously awaiting word on when the park will open. LEGOLAND officials haven't released an exact date, but pass holders are expected to be the first ones to be admitted during a special sneak-preview event this spring.

The already excited LEGO fans were treated to a surprise this week when the park released footage of its iconic sign being erected at the entrance.

The sign is a feature that all of the LEGOLAND theme parks share, but compared to the entranceways in California and Florida, the LEGOLAND New York version is much more elaborate. The entranceway is taller and features more bricks and figures, including characters from Ninjago, which has its own section in the park.

The sign is sure to be an Instagram-worth stop before families head inside to explore LEGOLAND New York for the very first time.

LEGOLAND Construction Continues