The Hudson Valley had plenty of warning, but many people were still caught off guard by how quickly winter storm Grayson hit our area.

Early on Thursday morning before even one snowflake fell from the sky most of the schools in the Hudson Valley had already closed for the day. The strong 'noreaster was on a collision course with the Northeast, dumping snow throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Here in the Hudson Valley, the snow started to pick up after 8am. Strong winds created blizzard-like conditions, creating large snow drifts and causing drivers some extra headaches.

Here at the radio station, we decided to monitor the snowfall by creating a time-lapse video.

We stuck our stunt-vader out in the snow to see how quickly he'd get covered. While Grayson didn't dump as many inches of accumulations as some of last year's big storms, it was impressive (most impressive) to see how quickly Vader became encased in carbonite snow.

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