Did you know a historic cemetery is located on the grounds of a huge Hudson Valley shopping center?

TikTok isn't all about silly challenges and weird dance trends, it can also lead you to information about your hometown that you didn't know about.

TikTok user Brittany Petronella, also known as @GhoulPlease_, has an account dedicated to visiting spooky places across the east coast. From Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania to the Salem Witch Trial homes in Massachusettes, Petronella. shares fun, creepy facts about all the places she visits.

@GhoulPlease_ also spends a lot of time in New York and recently shared a video about a cemetery located near the Palisades Mall.  Take a look at the Mount Moor Cemetery:

The video above is rather creepy, but I think that has a lot to do with the background music.

After a little bit of research, I found the Mount Moor Cemetery is quite historic. Here's what the New York Heritage Digital Collection says about the Mount Moor Cemetery:

The Atlas Obscura Podcast website adds:

When Syracuse-based Pyramid Companies announced its intention to build one of the largest malls in America, it found the small, historic cemetery right in the middle of their plans. Offers to have the graves disinterred and relocated to another cemetery were swiftly met with short shrift. A reported offer of $100,000 to sell the cemetery was rejected by the Mount Moor Cemetery Association, who work doggedly to preserve and take care of the historic site.

There are approximately 90 graves of Black Americans in the cemetery, many of them veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, both World Wars and the Korean War according to Atlas Obscura.

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