On a whim we decided to combine two completely different flavors and were blown away by the combination.

The first time someone I suggest to someone that they should try peanut butter on their hot dog the reaction is almost always negative. Sure, I know it sounds disgusting. But those who've tried it know that something magical happens when the two flavors blend together. If you have enough courage to try it out you may never go back to mustard again. Everyone we gave a sample to seemed to love it:

You may have heard some culinary websites claiming to have "discovered" the combination of peanut butter and hot dogs over the past few weeks. Well, I'm here to tell you that my six-year-old son and I actually invented this knock out combination back in October. I've even pulled out my old Instagram post as proof:

We'd love to see what happens when you give peanut butter hot dogs a try for the first time. Next time you're grilling dogs, put an extra one on and feed it to the kids or try it for yourself. Be sure to record the reaction and send it to us on our Facebook page or directly through the free WPDH mobile app.