Being from and having been raised in the Town of New Windsor, I keep a watchful eye out for any kind of story or news about things that are or have happened in my hometown. New Windsor kind of, sort of has that small town but big town feel to it because of where it's located and the towns and cities surrounding, but even with that said, most days in town are pretty quite.

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That doesn't mean that ALL days are quite, which brings us to today where the Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler announced the sentencing of a New Windsor man who had been arrested and charged for narcotics related offenses.

New Windsor Man Arrest Details

According to the official press release from the D.A.'s Office, the suspect identified as 62-year old Tyrone Hodge was originally arrested on August 30, 2023 when New York State Police executed a search warrant at a residence in New Windsor. During the execution of the warrant and subsequent search of the residence, law enforcement discovered illegal narcotics as well as other drug paraphernalia.

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Law enforcement recovered a total of 815 grams of cocaine and over 143 grams of crack-cocaine, as well as scales and materials used to package narcotics. In addition, law enforcement also recovered $67,407 in United States currency. Officially, Hodge was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree.

Cocaine powder in plastic bag with a packages

Criminal Possession of  a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree is considered to be one of the most serious crimes existing in the New York Law book. Being convicted of this crime comes with chance of multiple years in prison and a fine which can differ based on whether or not the individual charged or found guilty has a previous criminal history.

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Inside the Courtroom

When the suspect's court date arrived a number of things transpired. Firstly, Hodge admitted to his guilt in possessing the narcotics, specifically he admitted to possessing in excess of four ounces of cocaine. Hodge also agreed to forfeit the $67,000 as well as a Honda Pilot as instrumentalities or proceeds of a crime.

For those unfamiliar, the term "instrumentalities of a crime" is defined as '...any property, other than real property, the use of which contributes directly and materially to the commission of a crime' according to Law Insider.

Legla law concept image, scales of justice and books

Offically, Hodge has been sentenced to serve the next six (6) years in prison which will be followed by five (5) years of post-release supervision. In his statement following the sentencing, D.A. Hoovler thanked the members of the New York State Police who participated in the investigation.

Hoovler also continued to push his office's as well as law enforcements aggressive stance on drug trafficking stating...

Today's sentencing underscores the serious consequences awaiting those who choose to traffic drugs and jeopardize the safety of our communities....With this significant prison sentence imposed, justice has been served, and a clear message sent: drug crimes will be met with swift and decisive action by law enforcement and the justice system.


To date, D.A. Hoovler, his office and law enforcement have been responsible for cracking down on and taking a number of criminals off the streets that have posed threats to Orange County communities and that work does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.

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