Sports franchises run special promotional nights, where teams may partner with a well-known brand, or run a prize giveaway to draw fan interest. Freebees and discounts will often get fans into the stadium, and special offers on concession stand items are usually a big success.

So, when the New York Mets offered a special $1 hot dog night during Tuesday's game again the Cubs, it was sure to be a hit. Hot dogs and America's pastime go hand and hand.

However, what unfolded that night at Citi Field has been described by CBS Sports as a "bizarre scene". One fan, from Westchester County, became a target for almost every wiener in the stadium, according to witnesses.

Mets and Hot Dog (or, Glizzy) Fanatic Gets Ejected After Fans Throw Food For Him to Eat

CBS is reporting that a fan from Westchester got pelted with hot dogs by other fans at Citi Field, in an effort to see how many frankfurters he could put down.

The Mets were running a special promotion, with discounts on both hot dogs and beer during Tuesday night's game.

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The combination of booze and cheap food appears to have got the best of everyone, according to others who where there.

There were so many hot dogs flying around, that the man was moved from his seat by security in the 9th inning to try to get other wiener crazed Mets fans to back off, says CBS.

CBS says that the promotion limited fans to four hot dogs, though this man may have had a few more than what was aloud. Witnesses say the fan stood up and waved his arms at the other fans, seemingly encouraging them to continue throwing hot dogs at him.

CBS says the weiner magnet even wore a shirt that read "Bad day to be a Glizzy", which featured a running tab of hot dogs to beers consumed.

However, this Mets fan was said to have been enjoying himself, as other fans began booing upon his ejection, as they embraced their new hero.

What is a Glizzy? 

The Sporting News, as well as other websites like Reddit, says the term glizzy comes from slang for a Glock handgun. The term was said to have originated in the Washington D.C. area, and has been used by some in the hip-hop community.

The Sporting News says that the "evolution of the word which includes "hot dog" comes from the extended magazine of a pistol, which is about the length of a hot dog." Many on social media have since come to refer to hot dogs or sausages simply as glizzys.

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