You could be stylin' and profilin' like its 1987 in a vintage, satin WPDH jacket.

You never know what you'll find on Facebook Market. Think 1987, you jump into your IROC Z with the T-tops and head out to Tuesday Rock Night at Let's Dance in Poughkeepsie, NY. You got your mullet blowing in the breeze, and your big hair gal by your side in the passenger seat wearing a leather skirt, fishnets and heels. You pull up to the club, throw on your vintage black, satin WPDH jacket with the logo embroidered on the back with the famous catchphrase "The Home of Rock 'n Roll". You walk into that club like you own the joint. You're the king of rock n roll, you're untouchable! Imagine if you had that vintage WPDH satin jacket today. You'd be the cat's meow. Well you can!

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Rare Find of WPDH History With Vintage Jacket

I was transported back to 1987 when I stumbled upon a vintage WPDH jacket on Facebook Marketplace recently. The item was posted a week ago in Poughkeepsie and is still available at an asking price of just $25, knocked down from $35. Seller Chris Devens is offering this piece of Hudson Valley rock n roll history at a steal! A description says that that the jacket is embroidered with the original design. The liner needs to be cleaned and some of the snaps are chipped, but overall the jacket is in good shape. Who wants to ROCK this jacket??? Chris asks.

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attachment-WPDH Jacket Facebook

Well I'm sold! You could be the cats meow at the next keg party, wearing this classic jacket. Better act quick as I don't see this item lasting much longer following the publishing of this article. Grab it before Mike Vod from Hopewell gets his hands on it! You can check out the listing here.

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